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The Birth of Machine Consciousness
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The Birth of Machine Consciousness.

A deluxe limited edition cloth hard-bound book. 50 examples, signed & numbered. Silkscreen accordion foldout on heavy paper. Printed & published 2003 by Le Dernier Cri, Marseilles, France for the show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA, California. US$450.00 includes USA shipping & insurance Paypal accepted. Contact me about outside USA shipping rates.
Going fast; only a few of the edition remain. Reserve your copy now.



The Introduction;

Some notes on The Birth of Machine Consciousness.

When did we first think of machines ?
When did they first think of us ?

1: Cubism of tubular insertions.
Most of these pictures were conceived and executed using mechanical extrapolations of the body as a device for exploring the full spectrum of human emotional states.

This program of picturemaking was initiated circa 1984 as a way to mentally solidify a place where it would be natural and as well as aesthetically interesting to depict a radical breach in the threshold between meat on one side, and electronics, prosthetics and robotics on the other. This approach to picture making dovetails with the simultaneous fascination and horror of seeing the entire kingdom of
organic life systematically patented and commercially exploited by the unstoppable medical industrial complex.

2: Symbiotic species from scratch.
The outlaw sciences will proliferate. Laws against activating consciousness in machines will be as ineffectual and impossible as holding back the tide gates of hell. As the culmination of an evolutionary fever-dream, that day of revelation will soon come when a radical out-pouring from a tear in the fabric of natural history radically and permanently blurs the divisions between the living and the artificially alive.

3: Foaming at the mouth.
To be in the groove with the next evolutionary fad, you will voluntarily and enthusiastically need to acquire machine appendages ~ semi-organic stuff made from spider webs, sea shells and plastic water bottles in huge vats by miniature protein assembler machines. Given the option of Argus-like all-seeing electromagnetic vision, or torsoless gargoyle extensions, or even inhabiting eel bodies writhing in steel bathtubs with medusa, the options will be limitless & addicting. You will become an alternate form of living, thinking, thing, enjoying the fruits of artificial life with your probably more conscious and hyper-aware symbiotic machine companion.