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Please find current work on instagram @jrosenstudio or facebook: Jonathon Rosen Studio.
Just completed a subway poster for NY SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS  |   SVA/ART IS !
Launch of Synthetic Apparatus, An ongoing loop based Visual Music Laboratory. Van Hunt sound & music / Jonathon Rosen moving images. A consensual hallucination designed and manufactured to virally reproduce / on Facebook and instagram.
Fall 2018 Psychology Today September issue with multiple spreads: The Wizard of Consciousness.
My films "Apartment Thunder" 2006 with music by David Toop and Tom Recchion, and "Sleep" 2007 with music by Tom Recchion were shown at the LAFMS (LA Free Music Society) symposium and screening event at the Uplink Theater, Tokyo last Sept. 11th. Presented by Takuya Sakaguchi.
Spring 2018 artwork for NYTimes Science Times on capital punishment.
                    Artwork for NYTimes Science Times on the Physiology of THIRST.
Spring/Summer/Fall 2017, Lecture/screening of Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema films at Dartmouth College with Josh Yumibe and Tom Gunning. Artwork for CNN White House Correspondents Dinner Tabloid Newspaper center spread on 1st 100 days. Artwork for INC. Magazine, The Baffler, UCLA Magazine. CNN STATE MAGAZINE ANIMATION DAILY WORDS from 2016 election.
Fall / Winter 2016 Aurora goes to Holland is selected as one of only 44 entrants selected into the International Motion Art Awards 5 collection.
Artwork featured in the new Madeline Schwartzman anthology SEE YOURSELF X .
MTV AWARDS 2017 proposal. Art for Stanford Lawyer Magazine, Psychology Today, Spytail Rum and NYTimes.
Summer 2016 Interview and feature in the new SPIRIT & FLESH magazine.
Spring 2016 June; Gluttonous Visual Overdose essay art from Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema at the NY. Society of Illustrators 2016 Comic and Cartoon Art Annual exhibition. May 2 REDCAT Theater, LA. FANTASIA of COLOR in EARLY CINEMA Screening & lecture with Tom Gunning.
Fall 2015 Fantasia of Early Cinema @ MoMA, with presentation from authors in physical proximity. Book teaser shown.
Participant in AI-AP BIG TALK Symposium, NOV. NY , NY.
Spring/Summer 2015, School of Visual Arts presents “And Then,” an exhibition of work by students of the MFA Visual Narrative class of 2015. Curated by department faculty members Jonathan Rosen and Ed Valentine, “ SVA Gramercy GalleryNew York City.
FANTASIA of COLOR in EARLY CINEMA  published. Mashup animation of films from FANTASIA of COLOR in EARLY CINEMA BOOK shown at the Color Fantastic conference at the EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam. Lecture at Rutgers University on Fantasia book and metabolizing influences.  


Cover art for The Invisible Light: Acoustic Space. T Bone Burnett with Jay Bellerose & Keefus Ciancia.

The first full-length installment in The Invisible Light trilogy helmed by Grammy- and Oscar-winning producer T Bone Burnett in collaboration with percussionist Jay Bellerose and composer Keefus Ciancia. The albums explore the idea that society has been subject to over a century of electronic programming, a “programming pandemic”, which is causing us to lose our ability to differentiate fact from fiction.
Synthetic Apparatus, an ongoing loop-based visual music laboratory,
A consensual hallucination designed and manufactured to virally reproduce.
Van Hunt, sound & music / Jonathon Rosen, moving pictures.
Being and Essence, October, 2018. 2 panels, 24x24" acrylic on wood.


Psychology today The Wizard of Consciousness.
Joscha Bach’s lifelong quest to achieve strong artificial intelligence spurred him to develop a cognitive architecture with a focus on aesthetics and emotion. It’s a fitting window into his own mind. Published September 4, 2018.






CNN animation for STATE Magazine. Top 10 polling words between the 2016 conventions




Proto Magazine / Massachusetts General Hospital

Art for Stanford (University) Lawyer Magazine.
Art and animation work for MTV Awards 2017.
New Art for The Baffler No. 32.
Sketch above, final below.
Prostrate cancer isn\'t colorblind. NYTimes OP/ED July, 2016.
Bivalve Stereo-Opticon presents: Aurora goes to Holland
Aurora goes to Holland, a reduction mashup of the installation video \'Phantasia Stereo Megamix\' presented at the EYE Film Institute Netherlands and shown during the conference \'The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema\' with live music by The West Side Trio.
Assembled with archival clips from the collection of the EYE Film Institute, Netherlands, selected for the book \'Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema\' (AUP 2015). S
elected as one of only 44 entrants selected into the 2016 International Motion Art Awards 5 collection.

Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema, MoMA, Sunday, November 22, 2015.
Authors were there, presenting films and book in physical proximity.
Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema Amsterdam University Press, 2015.

A lavishly produced compendium of images are culled from original nitrate hand colored silent films (1896-1915) from the EYE Museum Film Archives, Amsterdam. 300 images on 289 pages.  Essays by Tom Gunning, Giovanna Fossati, Joshua Yumibe and Jonathon Rosen. Foreword by Martin Scorsese.
Sample spreads PDF, Facebook
Published by Amsterdam University Press ( and also available from University of Chicago Press  

Co-designed with Laura Lindgren.
Gluttonous Visual Overdose foldout spread...
Gluttonous Visual Overdose spread 1...
NY TIMES; The Opinion Pages |  Psychology Is Not in Crisis by LISA FELDMAN BARRETT SEPT. 1, 2015
ART FOR TECHONOMY MAGAZINE: Medical industrial complex, Nov. 2014


Paintings from the October ADCGlobal exhibition, Wicked Kitsch. NY, NY.
Work in progress (L).
Fortune, Her Wheel, Action. Private commission (R).


Fast Company: why we still dont have-jet-packs. Sometimes, struggling innovators just need to take the hint.
NYTimes Opinionator / PRIVATE LIVES August 14, 2013, By NATHANIEL P. MORRIS


NYT Book Review: CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIOPATH, A Life Spent Hiding In Plain Sight. June, 2013

NYTimes Science section June 2013 / Growing Left, Growing Right:

 In addition to our built-in visual processes, each of us brings to a work of art our acquired memories: we remember other works of art that we have seen. We remember scenes and people that have meaning to us and relate the work of art to those memories. In order to see what is painted on a canvas, we have to know beforehand what we might see in a painting. These insights into perception served as a bridge between the visual perception of art and the biology of the brain.

So how does our brain respond to portraiture? As we look at a portrait, our brain calls on several interacting systems to analyze contours, form a representation of the face and of the body, analyze the body’s motion, experience emotion, and perhaps, empathy. Along with these instantaneous responses, we form a theory of the subject’s state of mind.

- the real “eye” of the beholder is the brain itself.
New for Dec. 2012: corporate spying for INC. Magazine.

Advances in DNA testing, biochemical analysis and other scientific techniques have unlocked the secrets of the dead from their blood, hair, teeth and bones in ways they never could have imagined. We can now use exhumations to lay to rest persistent rumors about the locations and contents of famous graves, and clear people like poor Kepler of murder charges.
Exhumations can also tell us about the ailments of famous figures: fragments of Beethoven’s skull, left over from a 19th-century exhumation, have suggested that his poor health may have been the result of lead poisoning, and tests on Cosimo Medici’s bones showed he suffered from arthritis — not gout, as many historians had believed.

New cover: The Cosmetic Gaze: Body Modification and the Construction of Beauty
(MIT Press, February 2012) By Bernadette Wegenstein.


LETTERS / Jan 28 2012  / NYT Sunday Review: Sunday Dialogue: Bird Flu Experiments

Prostrate screening NY Times OP/ED 10/11/11
Biased but Brilliant, Science Embraces Pigheadedness - 2011/07/31/opinion/sunday NYTimes.
Audio remixed and reconfigured by Tom Recchion.

Pages for article on Trans-humanism for Tricycle Magazine | The Buddhist Review. 2010.

Discover Magazine march 2010 Who You Callin\' "Bird Brain"?
The amazing smarts of crows, jays, and other corvids are forcing scientists to rethink when and why intelligence evolved.
ESSAY, The Godfather of the E-Reader, NY Times Book Review.

OK, here are the Pages and Spreads from YOUR BODY INC. / NOV. ISSUE, INC. MAGAZINE, 2009. <span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-style:" italic;="" "="">
Body augmentation, cell phone heart band-aids, robotic prosthetics, internal drug delivery.

Stanford Medical Magazine, July 2009. The promise and future of basic bio-chemical research.
A HEAD from the show "100 HEADS FOR HAITI", an exhibition designed to raise money for Doctors Without Borders @ Spur Gallery, Baltimore, MD. April, 2010.
The 2+2=5 series of O\'Riley / Byram / Rosen concerts: Miller Theater, Columbia University.
Stephen Byram & Jonathon Rosen, video / Christopher O\'Riley, piano.
Planadvisor, January, 2009.

Time Magazine, Jan 2008; An army of Chinese hackers target American military and infrastructure.
New York Times; Science Times cover, Oct. 2007. Sleep. Click below for the spreads and a clip.
Jan 2009,
Sleep, was shown @ Under the Influence of Busby Berkeley as part of the
Dance On Camera Festival, Walter Reade Theatre, NY. NY.
New York Times; Science Times cover, January 2007. Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don\'t .


Sweetly Doing Nothing.
Cover art for composer Tom Recchion\'s, NEW CD: Sweetly Doing Nothing/SCHOOLMAP (ITALY). Includes tracks from our collaborative sound/video performance for LA MOCA\'s Visual Music Exhibition @ the Redcat Theater in LA.

Spawned by the publishing house of Le Dernier Cri:

Intestinal Fortitude & The Birth of Machine Consciousness are now in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Intestinal Fortitude is also in the permanent collection of the art institute of Chicago and the Getty Museum Research Institute.
Meat Grinder of the Soul:
New video ; Apartment Thunder from David Toop\'s CD The Black Chamber (Sub Rosa). Musicians: David Toop, Tom Recchion.

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